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Why Choose Newark Cylinders:

Adaptability and Customisation – No matter what your requirements are, we have the versatility to manufacture exactly what you need.

Quick Turnaround – From initial enquiry to delivery, we are efficient in promptly completing your order.

Manufactured in the UK – Whether you’re looking for a Hot Water Cylinder, Thermal Store, or Buffer Vessel, all of our products are manufactured in-house.

Sustainability – By offering a variety of products, we are confident that we can contribute to the efficiency of your hot water supply.

Newark Cylinders, a family business spanning three generations since 1977, specialises in crafting high-quality bespoke hot water cylinders for domestic and industrial (commercial) systems. Our commitment lies in delivering tailored solutions that precisely meet our customers’ requirements while ensuring their convenience with quick turnaround times.

Our diverse range of products includes small cylinders like marine calorifiers, domestic cylinders, thermal stores, unvented cylinders, as well as larger industrial calorifiers and buffer vessels. Adaptability is at the core of our approach, as we constantly evolve our products to meet the changing demands and contribute to the sustainability of our natural environment.

Incorporating technology and skilled craftsmanship, we manufacture all our units in-house, combining high-precision machinery with a hands-on approach to ensure top-notch quality. Additionally, our cylinders can be designed to integrate seamlessly with solar panels, wood burners, pellet boilers, ground source heat pumps, and both mains pressure and vented systems.


As customers may have existing pipework or systems in place, we understand ease of installation is a necessity; we are able to design and manufacture a unit to suit any existing pipework.


We supply a large range of units to meet customers’ needs such as custom heights and diameters, fitting size and placement, inputs and outputs, coils and material.


As we are aware that customers can be in need of a replacement unit urgently, we are able to manufacture units as early as the same day and can be delivered the following day.

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