Aquinox Heat Pump Buffer Vessel

Heat Pump Buffer Vessels

The Aquinox Heat Pump Buffer Vessel is utilised to add volume to your existing heating system; heat pumps require a minimum system volume in order to function efficiently so the addition of a Heat Pump Buffer Vessel ensures a consistent flow-rate and system volume are maintained. A heat pump will keep emitting heat even with no demand, a Aquinox Buffer will facilitate the storage of this excess heat for later use. 

Unlike most units on the market, we manufacture our buffers from 316L Stainless Steel for it’s resistance to corrosion.

As the buffer vessel will contain warm water, it will prevent the heat pump going into defrost mode during cold temperatures as warm water will remain cycling.

If you’re not sure whether your heating system requires a buffer tank (as not all do), or what size vessel would be necessary, we would suggest consulting your heat pump installer and/or supplier for advice.

Having a Buffer Vessel reduces the risk of short cycling, which can lead to inefficiencies and even damage to the heat pump system, leading to a longer lifespan for the system and the heat pump unit itself.

Our buffer vessels range from 15 Litres to 100 Litres covering most requirements for the heat pump market.

If you require a larger buffer vessel you can view our range here or get in touch.

Stainless Buffer – 3/4 View
Stainless Buffer – Cased
Stainless Buffer – Armaflex Finish

Example Specification

  • Working Pressure – 4.0 BAR
  • Test Pressure- 6.0 BAR
  • Operating Temperature – -5°C to 95°C
  • 4 x 1″ Female Connections
  • 1/2″ Auto Air Valve
  • 1/2″ Thermostat Pocket Connection
  • Includes Wall or Floor Mounting Brackets
  • 5 Years Warranty
SizeArmaflexSteel CaseVolume
300x184mm320x205mm320x210mm8 Litre
450x184mm470x205mm470x210mm12 Litre
480x200mm500x220mm510x260mm15 Litre
800x200mm820x220mm830x260mm25 Litre
820x250mm840x270mm845x295mm40 Litre
975x250mm995x270mm1000x295mm48 Litre
760x375mmN/A820x450mm80 Litre
950x375mmN/A1010x450mm100 Litre

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    1/2" Female
    What Finish do you want on the buffer(s)?
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