Refund and Returns Policy

Our Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Our manufacturer’s guarantee covers our bespoke products for 5 years (and our standardised HG Series products for 7 years) against manufacturing defects, provided they have been used and maintained in full accordance with our manufacturer’s literature. For unvented cylinders, this must include a full annual service record, with no more than a 12-month gap between installation, the first service and each subsequent service. Our guarantee does not cover against corrosion, stress fatigue, accidental damage, or any other reason for failure which is out of our control.

Cancelling / Returning Orders

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the products that are offered by us have been fully and competently reviewed. This is to ensure that they meet the exact requirements of their intended purpose. All of our products are manufactured to order and, as a result, we cannot accept returns for incorrectly or inaccurately ordered items, unless the product is faulty or has not been manufactured to the agreed specification.

It is therefore important to contact us as soon as possible if you believe you have made a mistake with an order, as we cannot issue refunds after the manufacture has commenced.

Spares and components that we usually hold in stock can be returned and refunded, as long as they haven’t been installed/ used. Special order components can also be returned, provided our supplier will accept their return. In both cases, a restocking charge would be applied to cover our admin costs.

Our Returns Procedure:

  1. If/when we are satisfied that the reportedly defective product is within its guarantee period and that all other conditions for the guarantee have been met, we would require the opportunity to inspect the product to confirm the existence and cause of any reported defects.
  2. Please be assured that our priority is always to determine the truth, whether that leaves us liable or not, and to deal with the conclusion in a way that is as satisfactory to everyone involved, as possible, in line with our obligations (see “Extract from our Conditions of Sale” below for the legal definition of our obligations).
  3. Upon our go-ahead, the product can be disconnected from the system and packaged appropriately, according to our advice.
  4. Once the potentially faulty product has been disconnected, and packaged appropriately and we have been advised of this (we’ll call this day 1), we can arrange for it to be collected on the next working day (day 2). Collections are only available from within the UK.
  5. “Appropriate packaging” usually means securing the upright unit to a pallet, using ratchet straps or similar. Smaller, lighter (up to 20kg), uncased units don’t necessarily need to be palletised, but some form of protective packaging is highly recommended.
  6. We strongly advise that you also take photos of the cylinder before it is collected as, if it incurs any damage during transit, you will have proof of the condition it was in before it left you.
  7. As soon as the potentially faulty item arrives back at our factory (usually on day 3), we will promptly inspect the product, confirm whether there are any defects, determine their most likely cause, and provide evidence for those findings in the form of a written report. Alternatively, verbal reports can be provided for more time-sensitive cases, if the claimant would prefer.
  8. If any defects are identified and are determined to be caused by sub-standard manufacturing materials and/or workmanship, we will repair or replace the product (whichever we feel is most appropriate) at our own cost and cover all transport charges.
  9. If, however, the defects are determined to be caused by anything which is out of our control (and therefore, not covered by our guarantee), then we would request that the collection, inspection, repair/replacement and redelivery charges be covered by the claimant (either in the form of a purchase order or proforma payment, as appropriate) before any further action is taken.
  10. In either case, if all ran smoothly, we would aim to get the repaired/new product back to the claimant on day 4-5. All numbered days are, of course, “working days”.
  11. If the end-user required the hot water to be reinstated more quickly than this, the only other option would be to place an order for a brand-new replacement product (either in the form of a purchase order or proforma payment, as appropriate), receive it (usually) within 2-3 working days, swap them out, and have the potentially faulty one collected and inspected at that point. If that inspection then found the unit to have any manufacturing defects, we would credit the value of the replacement product to you, and cover all transport charges, in line with our obligations (see “Extract from our Conditions of Sale” below for the legal definition of our obligations).
  12. If, however, the defect was determined to be a result of a factor which was out of our control, we could discuss other options for what to do with the defective product (return it unrepaired/ repair it for a quoted cost so that the end-user can keep it as a spare/ recycle it for scrap value/ other suggestions are welcome)

Extract from our Conditions of Sale (to clarify our legal obligations)

The Company’s goods are tested or examined before despatch but are supplied without any Warranty conditions or guarantee expressed or implied that they are suitable for use under any special conditions or for any particular purpose that may be known to the company at the time nor in the absence of a specific guarantee in writing is any guarantee given as to the life or wear of the Company’s goods. The Company will however repair or at their option replace goods in which defects under proper use and installation by a qualified and competent plumber or fitter appear within a period of sixty calendar months after installation and which arise solely from faulty design materials or workmanship other than design or materials made or specified by the Buyer, provided always that acceptable proof is rendered as to the date of purchase and evidence of the installation by a qualified and competent plumber or fitter and any defective parts are promptly returned free to the Company’s address. In particular, the Company’s warranty does not extend to problems resulting from corrosion or scaling and recommends that in hard and soft water areas and in situations where aggressive water is prevalent that an appropriate water treatment plan be put into operation. Well water and borehole water are particular examples of aggressive water. The provisions of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and Unfair Contract Terms 1977 shall apply to this contract, but this guarantee is given in lieu of all warranties or conditions and liability whatsoever implied by law, statute or otherwise and in particular, without prejudice to the generality of foregoing the Company shall not be liable for loss of profit or goodwill of the Buyer or any other person arising, directly or indirectly from any breach of this contract or for any other indirect or consequential damage and loss whatsoever, save as provided in this clause. Neither the Company nor its servants and agents shall be under any liability whether in contract, tort or otherwise howsoever, in respect of the goods or any inquiry, damage or loss whatsoever and howsoever resulting therefrom or from any work done in connection therewith.

Lead Times & Shipping

Simple/basic cylinder orders can often be processed and manufactured within 1-3 working days and then shipped via our trusted courier services to arrive on a date which is convenient for the recipient. More complicated orders can take between 4-20 working days, depending on the specification and how busy we are at the time of ordering. In all cases, customers will always be kept up to date on their order’s progress and expected delivery date.

We highly recommend that a competent person be at the delivery address to fully inspect the goods before signing for them. They can be left in a designated safe place but if it is later found that the goods have been damaged or stolen, we cannot be held responsible. If no one is there to receive the goods and a safe place has not been designated, you may also be subject to redelivery charges.

If an item arrives damaged, you should refuse to sign for it and inform us as soon as possible. The goods will then be automatically returned to us for 1) inspection, 2) repair/replacement, and 3) so that we can gather evidence with which to file a claim against the delivery company. Our first priority in these cases is, of course, to redeliver the repaired/replacement product(s) back to you as soon as possible.

Type of CylinderLead Time
Basic/Simple Cylinders (often copper)1-3 working days
Complicated Cylinders (often stainless steel)4-20 working days
Please Note: All lead times are dependent on cylinder specification and production levels.

Shipping Outside the United Kingdom

Goods cannot be exported out of the UK but can be delivered to any address within the UK, from which you can arrange to export them. Similarly, collections can only be arranged from within the UK.


We also offer the option for you to collect your order from our production factory in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

This can be requested when an order is made.

Our offices and factory are located at the following address:

Newark Cylinders
Brunel Drive
Northern Road Ind. Est.
NG24 2EG


All orders are subject to the UK’s current 20% rate of VAT, which is added on during the online checkout stage and is charged to your card as part of the total order. The same is true for any manual transactions that we process over the phone.

Data Security

Payments made online are processed securely through either Stripe or Paypal. Our online store does not store any credit card details and uses a secure connection to ensure your payment is secure.

Card details from payments made over the phone are securely stored until the transaction is complete and then destroyed.

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