Solar & Heat Pump Cylinders

Our twin coil and triple coil solar cylinders are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the domestic heating system. The additional coils are designed to transfer heat from a more traditional heating source, for example, a domestic boiler and/or solid fuel boiler.

The solar coil, which is manufactured from a high-efficiency finned tube with a large surface area, transfers heat from the solar panels into the solar hot water cylinder.

The boiler coil which (if fitted) is manufactured to BS 1566, can also be supplied as high recovery to reduce boiler cycling. Cylinder connection sizes can be specified as 22mm or 28mm compression. Our high-efficiency 1.6m2 solar coil is fitted with 15mm or 22mm compression and with all connections protruding beyond the insulation, this makes our twin or triple coil solar cylinder one of the most efficient manufactured in the UK.

The heat energy produced by a heat pump can be transferred into a hot water cylinder via a high-efficiency finned, copper coil – the same way a common gas or oil boiler would heat your hot water. However, the coils in our Heat Pump cylinders have a far larger heating surface than traditional domestic boiler coils. This allows the coil to dissipate as much heat as the heat pump can possibly produce, preventing the heat pump from cycling.

Since the maximum temperature that most heat pumps can achieve is 55°C, it would usually be necessary to have at least one other form of heat input to the cylinder as a backup. For example, this can be an immersion heater, gas/oil boiler, or any other heat application, which is capable of raising the temperature of the stored water to around 60 – 65°C. The heat pump application can also be combined with solar heating to achieve a very environmentally friendly and highly efficient method of heating your hot water.

Manufactured per the relevant British Standards and in compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations, these cylinders combine high-performance heating coils with low heat loss, and factory-applied insulation, to provide a highly efficient and effective way to store and provide domestic hot water. Our polyurethane foam lagging can, in most cases, be applied up to a thickness of 100mm and is the most environmentally friendly type available, with an ozone depletion potential of zero and a global warming potential of one. For a more aesthetically pleasing finish, we can offer a steel case with a silver metallic finish.

Solar Cylinder

Our range of Solar Hot Water Cylinders includes a high-efficiency coil of either convoluted stainless tube or finned copper tube to facilitate the efficient transfer of heat from the solar circuit to the cylinder. We can also include an immersion heater as well as a boiler coil in order to ensure a constant supply of hot water even during overcast weather and night.

Coil Heating Surface1.5m² (min)
Coil Fluid Content1.28L / 4.03L
Max Working Pressure3.5 BAR

Please Note: These are the most common attributes of solar coils but other options are available.

Heat Pump Cylinder

Our Heat Pump range includes a larger coil than most other heat sources due to the lower flow temperature of a Heat Pump, this allows it to better transfer that heat into the body of water. This also comprised of either a stainless steel convoluted tube or a finned copper tube.

Coil Heating Surface3.0m² (min)
Coil Fluid Content2.56L / 8.06L
Max Working Pressure3.5 BAR

Please Note: These are the most common attributes of heat pump coils but other options are available.

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