About Buffer Vessels

Our range of Buffer Vessels are designed to store heated non-potable for water for instant demand to another system such as and underfloor heating or radiator system. It can also be used to combine heat sources from controlled and non-controlled heat sources such as combining a pressurised unvented cylinder with a wood burner system.

As with all of our cylinders, we can manufacture buffer vessels to a wide variety of specifications such as vented or pressurised systems, multiple heat input and output coils and material of copper or stainless steel. We can also manufacture our buffer vessels with many different connection sizes and positions to perfectly match your system requirements.

We also manufacture a range of Aquinox Heat Pump Buffer Vessels for use in smaller domestic applications for expanding an existing system to make it suitable for a heat pump system.

Example System Diagram

This example system diagram demonstrates a large industrial application such as a farm or factory.

The buffer vessel is open-vent and is heated via the wood burner, solar panels and heat pump which can then be circulated around the radiator and underfloor heating circuit.

The unvented cylinder is pressurised, however, by using a coil, the hot water inside the buffer vessel can be used to heat the cylinder. This hot water can then be provided at high pressure to taps and showers.

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