Aquinox Stainless Steel Buffer Vessel

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Heat Pump Buffer Vessel

The Aquinox Heat Pump Buffer Vessel is utilised to add volume to your existing heating system. Heat pumps require a minimum system volume to function efficiently, so the addition of a Heat Pump Buffer Vessel ensures a consistent flow rate and system volume are maintained. A heat pump will keep emitting heat even with no demand, and an Aquinox Buffer will facilitate the storage of this excess heat for later use.

Unlike most units on the market which are manufactured from Mild Steel, we manufacture our buffers from Duplex Stainless Steel noted for its vastly improved resistance to corrosion as well.


  • Connection positions, sizes and quantities are fully customisable
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Manufactured from Duplex Stainless Steel
  • 10mm Armaflex Finish as standard (Steel Case available)
  • Powder Coated Lids (Colours available to match your brand)
  • Includes Wall or Floor Mounting Brackets
  • 5 Year Warranty (Against manufacturing defect)

Technical Specification

  • Working Pressure – 4.0 BAR
  • Test Pressure- 6.0 BAR
  • Operating Temperature – 5°Cto 95°C
  • 4 x 1” Female Connections (180° apart)
  • ½” for Auto Air Vent
  • 1 x ½” Thermostat Pocket Connection
  • Bespoke Connection Positions if required
  • Can be supplied with Stat Pocket

Find out more about the Aquinox Heat Pump Buffer Vessel.

Size Armaflex Steel Case Volume
300x184mm 320x205mm 310x210mm 8 Litre
450x184mm 470x205mm 470x210mm 12 Litre
480x200mm 500x220mm 510x260mm 15 Litre
800x200mm 820x220mm 830x260mm 25 Litre
820x250mm 840x270mm 845x295mm 40 Litre
975x250mm 995x270mm 1000x295mm 48 Litre
760x375mm 780x395mm 800x450mm 80 Litre
950x375mm 970x395mm 990x450mm 100 Litre


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