Newark Vented Heat Pump Cylinder

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Includes 3.24m² High Density Heat Pump Coil with 28mm Compression Connections.

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Our range of Heat Pump Cylinders utilises a large high-efficiency finned coil to facilitate the transfer of heat between the Heat Pump and internally stored water.

A heat pump will typically run at a lower temperature than a conventional boiler so a large coil will allow for the maximum possible heat transfer.

Our heat pump units also feature an electric immersion heater boss to provide an additional backup heat source. We can also provide a second Immersion Heater to function as a boost.

Standard Specification

  • 2 1/4″ Immersion Heater Boss
  • 3.24m² Heat Pump Coil
  • 28mm Heat Pump Flow & Return Connections
  • 1/2″ HP Thermostat Pocket
  • 22mm Cold Feed
  • 22mm Hot Draw Off
  • 50mm Foam Insulation


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