Solar Hot Water Cylinder

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Includes 1.62m² High-Density Finned Solar Coil

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The Newark Solar Cylinders is a green alternative to our standard range of cylinders; it includes a high-efficiency finned Solar Coil allowing for an efficient heat transfer between the Solar System and the water stored inside the cylinder. It also includes 2 additional 10mm Solar Thermostat Pockets.

We also offer an optional upgrade to include a domestic boiler coil allowing the cylinder to be heated by both solar and traditional gas/oil boilers for backup.

Example Specification

  • 1.5m² (min) Solar Coil
  • 22mm Hot Draw Off
  • 22mm Cold Feed
  • 2 ¼” Immersion Heater Connection
  • 2 x 10mm Solar Stat Pocket
  • 50mm Foam Insulation

Please Note: These are the most common attributes of solar hot water cylinders but other options are available.


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