22mm Thermal Mixer Valve – New Style T Pattern

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This Thermal Mixer Valve (TMV) is used for Thermal Store Cylinders.

It utilises the T pattern style that we have been using for our Thermal Store Cylinders since 2008. This was due to a change in supplier, rather than for functional reasons.


  • 25 Litres per minute maximum potential flow rate.
  • Temperature Range 30°C – 70°C
  • Complete with 3 x Fiber Washers

What is a Thermal Mixer Valve?

TMV’s are designed to blend hot and cold water in a controlled manner, ensuring a safe and consistent temperature when it is dispensed from a shower or tap. These water-mixing valves are not only simple but also crucial in preventing scalds and effectively combating the growth of legionella bacteria, which can be fatal.

TMV’s can also be described as Thermostatic Mixing Valve.

We also stock old style L pattern TMV’s.

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