Case Study: Lincoln Plumbing & Heating – 1600L Cylinder for Gainsborough Police Station

Case Study LPH Featured Photo 1600l (Newark Cylinders / Lincoln Plumbing and Heating)

In the dynamic landscape of plumbing and heating solutions, efficiency and reliability are paramount, especially when tasked with equipping critical public institutions. This case study delves into the collaborative efforts of Lincoln Plumbing & Heating (LPH) and Newark Cylinders, showcasing their seamless synergy in addressing the heating and hot water system needs of Gainsborough Police Station.

Installation Brief

As part of the Government’s De-carbonisation Programme to be 100% Carbon Free by 2050, LPH was given a brief of what the client’s requirements are and a Performance Specification. This included the complete removal of the existing plant room equipment to include two large gas boilers and all associated pumps, motorised valves, and controls.

The new installation was designed by Willowtree Design Associates and consisted of Three 32.6kW Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps, Twin Headed Grundfoss Pumps, Balancing Valves, Commissioning Stations, Copper Pipe Work ranging from 76mm to 54mm. One 1600Ltr Stainless Steel Buffer Vessel was also required, which was a major factor in this System’s Success.

The Buffer Vessel forms part of the system’s heat storage and when called upon by the system controls, contains a sufficient storage to satisfy the heating demand. Once the vessel’s thermostats detect that heat is being draw off, the Heat Pump will start up and re-heat the unit.

Solution & Production

For Newark Cylinders, the prospect of producing a more than average-sized Buffer Vessel was a challenge they were willing to take on. From a design aspect, Newark Cylinders’ Technical Sales Manager Tom Sharpe said that despite the size required, he described it as “a straightforward manufacturing job for the team.”

The Buffer Vessel design included a shell dimension of 1850mm x 1100mm with an insulation thickness of 50mm. Due to the scale of the Buffer Vessel, a 2.0mm thick sheet of stainless steel material was used. This is 1.0mm thicker than used when other products up to 450mm diameter are produced.

The Buffer Vessel required several key features, including a maximum working pressure of 4.0 BAR, four 3” female BSP heat input connections, two 2½”F BSP heat output connections, three thermostat pockets, and three 1/2” F BSP temperature gauge connections.

1600L Cylinder Lincoln P&H
The finished 1600l buffer vessel pictured with a 15l BV.


Lincoln Plumbing and Heating are very happy with the 1600Ltr Buffer Vessel manufactured, supplied and delivered to site on time, in fact early, and with such great quality.

LPH would always use Newark Cylinders and would recommend them to anyone every time.


For Newark Cylinders, the possibility of delivering such a large-scale product in a brief two-week timeframe is remarkable.

From the initial enquiry to delivering the finished product, manufacturing a 1600L Buffer Vessel for Lincoln Plumbing & Heating illustrates Newark Cylinders’ agility and commitment, to meeting the unique needs of their clients.

Product Specification Overview

Shell Dimensions1850 x 1100mm
Volume1600 Litres
Pressurisation DescriptionPressurised
Heat Input DescriptionDirect
Manufacturing Material2.0mm Stainless Steel
Product TypeBuffer Vessel

Interested in having your own groundbreaking hot water solution? Contact Newark Cylinders to discuss your unique requirements.

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