How Does a Buffer Vessel Benefit Heat Pump Systems?

The use of heat pumps in modern heating systems can be damaged by the isolation of radiators and heating zones. However, the inclusion of a buffer vessel can be a bemefit. In this article, we will explore and explain how they do so.

Buffer Vessel Collection Newark Cylinders

Within any modern heating system, radiators (or even entire heating zones, in larger installations) are automatically isolated once certain temperature thresholds have been reached. This prevents the system from wasting energy by continuing to heat those areas.

For heating systems that use heat pumps as their primary source of heat, the isolating of radiators and zones can be harmful to the heat pump’s efficiency and longevity. Installing a Buffer Vessel within that system will serve several purposes, all of which will help to keep the heat pump operating at optimal efficiency and maximise its longevity.

Maintain a Minimum Amount of Water

If parts of a heating system are turned off, a Buffer Vessel can maintain the minimum amount of water needed for the heat pump to work efficiently. Without enough water, the heat pump would turn on and off too often, causing higher temperatures and reducing efficiency. This would also affect other parts of the system negatively.

Guaranteed Circulation

In a worst-case scenario, where all radiators and heating zones have automatically closed down, the buffer vessel can also act as a fail-safe bypass, so that circulation can still be guaranteed.

Not Necessarily Required for All Systems

Larger heat pump systems may not require a buffer vessel. This is because their volumes may be more than sufficient, and certain sections of the system can be prevented from shutting down. The heat is therefore dissipated effectively at all times.

Determining if a Buffer Vessel is Required

Methods and calculations for determining whether a buffer vessel is required for a particular heat pump system (and if so what size) is debatable. For this reason, it is best left for the installer to determine what is required, based on a combination of their knowledge, experience, tried and tested calculations, and the heat pump manufacturer’s recommendations.

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